My Approach

That's me and my sister opening Christmas presents.

When I was a kid my mom snapped a lot of pictures, and over the years those mementos are now a treasure.  I now live far away from my childhood home, but when I visit we often dig out some of our old, ear-torn albums, and laugh until we can’t breathe.

When I’m taking photos I visualize this sense of fun nostalgia you’ll feel in years to come.

I capture families of all ages. When it comes to working with children, my philosophy is simple: I let the kids tell their own stories. Their imagination is always better than anything us adults could ever set up or direct. If you have older children or you’re all adults, I’ll give you some fun instructions so the photos will look natural and candid. And know that it’s no problem at all for us to take a few extra, “say cheese” photos for your holiday cards too.

Once your collection is ready, we’ll create custom Giclee fine-art prints and signature albums that you’ll find yourself sharing with each other throughout your lives.

I’m based in Victoria & Vancouver, Canada in the summer; and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in the winter.


More than 10 years have passed since I quit a ladder-climbing corporate gig in high tech to pursue my passion for photography full-time.  I attended the Western Academy of Photography and never felt more at home, so it was extra exciting to join the faculty a few years later. While at school, I threw myself into studying everything I possibly could about every genre of photography. Originally, I thought I would pursue wildlife photography, but to my surprise, photographing people totally swept me off my feet.

My introduction to storytelling was during my master’s studies in journalism. My focus was documentary and broadcast journalism and I fell in love with the power of visual storytelling. Photographing weddings and portraits brings all that back, and it combines everything else I adore in the world: togetherness, celebration and beauty.

You can find my wedding photography at FunkyTown Photography, plus my nature and wildlife and artsy-fartsy photography at the Get Crafty Print Store. Connect with me @christinamcraft or @funkytownphotography on Instagram and let’s make friends!